The Crayola and Vans collaboration for 2022 included a coloring tool to be used with the Vans Customs product. Customs allows users to customize their own styles online and produce a shoe that is completely designed by them. The Crayola Coloring Tool allows users to select one of four pieces of artwork to color with Crayola's palette. The artwork is then placed on a style of their choosing to start off the Customs experience.



The goal was to design a fun coloring experience for users of all ages to jump back into their childhood shoes, pull out their favorite Crayola crayons, and color away.


Creative Director: Matt Shipman
UX/UI Designer: Andrew Vuong
Developer: Mariano Echegoyen


Vans had a similar coloring tool for a holiday event in the past. We wanted to create something similar while improving the user experience. We looked at insights and found that users took too long to color the past artwork which led to an early drop-off with users not finishing the coloring process and failing to continue into customizing, which led to an incomplete sale. To combat this, we curated artwork that did not require too much time to color, we pre-colored certain elements to give the user a head start, and we cleaned up any distractions and CTAs in the UI in that contributed to users leaving the experience early.


Our biggest challenge was timing and testing. We did not allow adequate time for development and as a result had to rush the launch for this experience.