Hero image of a small frog sitting on a human finger.


National Geographic Photo Ark is a multiyear project led by photographer Joel Sartore, whose life mission is to photograph every species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. He has visited over 40 countries, creating an archive of global diversity that includes portraits of more than 8,000 species.


Creative Director: Hamish Robertson
Copywriter: Gregg LaGambina
Art Director/Designer: Andrew Vuong


My role in this project was to work collaboratively with the Marketing and Communications team to develop the look and feel of the promotional materials used to market this exhibit. I also worked with the Exhibit Design team to produce large scale prints for the interior and exterior of the building. Some of this work include: invitations, exhibit posters, building vinyl wraps, landing pages for the exhibit website, UI design for the exhibit's audio tours app, social media templates, and other promotional materials.


Concept and execute a cohesive suite of promotional materials that market the upcoming exhibit as well as gather attention and interest to maximize attendance of the show.

Landing Page

Our landing pages are used while the physical exhibit is being installed. The goal for the landing pages are to gather interest for the upcoming show and email acquisition for our newsletters.

Desktop and mobiel mockup of the National Geographic Photo Ark landing page.

Exhibit Posters

The posters are printed on 24"x36" stock and placed around the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century Park. The location is surrounded by three large office buildings with a lot of foot traffic from tenants and visitors. The goal for the posters is to draw attention in a busy environment and gather interest for the upcoming exhibit.

Three different versions of National Geographic Photo Ark exhibit posters.

Printed Invitation

The invite is produced to send to Annenberg guests for the exhibit's opening party.

National Geographic Photo Ark printed invitations.

Street Banners

The street banners are designed to draw the attention of the Los Angeles commuters around town. They are placed within a 20 mile radius around the Annenberg Space for Photography. We wanted to keep these simple, concise, and easy to read so that our audience needs just a quick glance to gather all the information they need.

Two National Geographic Photo Ark street lightpole banners featuring a tiger and sloth.

Outdoor Prints

These outdoor prints sit on the pathway to the museum. This allows us to provide visitors something to read outside of the space. The content for these prints typically promote our upcoming programs and events.

National Geographic Photo Ark outdoor exhibit panels.

Exhibit Photographs

Interior of the entrance of the National Geographic Photo Ark photography exhibit.
Interior of the National Geographic Photo Ark photography exhibit.
Interior of the National Geographic Photo Ark photography exhibit.