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Arashi Sushi was a struggling, local-owned, restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. Their site was years too old and unequipped to handle the modern needs of consumers today. After rebuilding their site from the ground up, they were able to stay in business and continue to thrive today.

Hero image showing Arashi Sushi's website mocked up on an iMac computer.

Project Overview

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many restaurants, including Arashi Sushi, were largely affected. They did not have an updated website or any means of online ordering. As a result, they reached out to redesign and modernize their 10-year-old website for their restaurant located in Downtown Los Angeles.

My Role

My role in this project was to redesign the website from the ground up and update their asset library by traveling onsite and photographing their featured dishes along with the interior and exterior space.


The goal was to create a high-end, clean, and refined product to match the sophistication of their restaurant and clientele. An online ordering system also needed to be integrated into the website for pick-up orders and potential dine-in reservations.

Final Designs


Three mobile mockups of the new Arashi Sushi website.

Final Designs


Menu page of the website on a desktop mockup.Gallery page of the website on a desktop mockup.Desktop mockup of the online ordering feature on the webpage.Desktop mockup of the "Contact Us" webpage.


I went on site to photograph Arashi Sushi's space and food, giving them a brand new library of assets to use for their site and social media.

Side by side image of a cut fish and chef's knife and artwork hung in the restaurant.Side view of sushi arranged on a plate.Overhewad view of sushi arranged on a plate.Closeup sashimi bowl.Side by side image of their sake lineup and the exterior of Arashi Sushi restaurant.


Site map and wireframes of the website.