Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling logo over dark grey background.


In this arresting and iconic exhibition – curated by Vanity Fair’s creative development editor David Friend, and the magazine’s former director of photography Susan White – Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling features photographic portraiture and multimedia installations that capture the magic and glamour of the film and television industry’s major players from the last four decades.


Creative Director: Hamish Robertson
Copywriter: Gregg LaGambina
Art Director/Designer: Andrew Vuong


My role in this project was to work collaboratively with the Marketing and Communications team to develop the look and feel of the promotional materials used to market this exhibit. I also worked with the Exhibit Design team to produce large scale prints for the interior and exterior of the building. Some of this work include: invitations, exhibit posters, building vinyl wraps, landing pages for the exhibit website, social media templates, and other promotional materials.


Concept and execute a cohesive suite of promotional materials that market the upcoming exhibit as well as gather attention and interest to maximize attendance of the show.


To adapt the show's title with the existing Vanity Fair identity, we ended up with a lightweight script to contrast nicely with the boldness of the parent brand.

Two Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling logos side by side.

Dark Period Posters

Because the Annenberg Space for Photography doesn't have a permanent collection and only hosts one show at a time, the space shuts down for a couple of months between shows. During this time, we produce a series of posters that let our audience know that we are currently closed and are developing the next exhibit.

Three Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling exhibit posters.

Landing Page

For this exhibit's landing page, we stripped away all extra details and focused just on the weight of the Vanity Fair brand and the call to action. We wanted to maintain the elegance of Vanity Fair and have all details below the fold.

Desktop and mobile mockup of the Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling landing page.


For this exhibit, we designed a digital invitation for the opening party to send out to guests via email.

Digital invitation for the Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling opening event.

Print Ad

Print ad in Frieze magazine to promote the exhibit.

Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling print ad in a magazine.

Building Vinyl Prints

The show title printed on the exterior of the museum.

Exterior shot of the Annenberg Space for Photography with the Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling logo on the windows of the building.

Street Banners

The street banners are designed to draw the attention of the Los Angeles commuters around town. They are placed within a 20 mile radius around the Annenberg Space for Photography. With this application, we only have a few seconds to draw the viewer's attention as they zoom by in their cars. Because of this, we try to make the photographic imagery as large as possible while keeping the text information as succinct as possible, addressing only the who, what, when, and where.

Two street lightpole banners for Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling exhibit.

Interior building prints

These prints are placed in the office buildings adjacent to the Annenberg Space for Photography. The goal for these prints is to draw the attention of office workers and their guests that may be unaware of the museum. The prints are placed in the walkway from the building's lobby to the elevator for maximum exposure.

Building banner print in the interior of an office building.

Event Signage

For the opening party, we built several 24" x 36" framed mirrors featuring a vinyl print of exhibit title as welcome signage. The idea was that when guests arrive, they see their reflection and themselves on the "cover" of Vanity Fair. I was gifted the piece after the opening event and it now lives in my home!

Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling mirror sitting on a drawer.
Interior shot of the Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling photography exhibit.
Interior shot of the Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling photography exhibit.
Interior shot of the Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling photography exhibit.