Emerging logo on a pink background.

Emerging is a photography exhibit presenting images by more than 90 emerging photographers from around the world who bring a fresh perspective and creative techniques to professional photography. The exhibit explores how a new generation of photographers examines a variety of topics, from the personal to the global: youth culture, family, the environment, economic uncertainty, conflict and civil unrest, and the nature of the photographic image.


Creative Director: David Scharff
Copywriters: Elizabeth Stover and Camille Lowry
Art Director/Designer: Andrew Vuong

My Role

My role in this project was to work collaboratively with the rest of the Marketing and Communications team to develop the look and feel of the promotional materials (print, digital, OOH) used to market the show. I also worked with the Exhibit Design team to produce large scale prints to be used in the interior and exterior of the building. Some of this work includes: Concepting and executing brand identity design, invitations, brochures, exhibit posters, street banners, building vinyl wraps, style guide, landing pages for the exhibit web site, social media templates, and other promotional materials.


Bring the concept to life by creating a visual language using a complete brand system to be utilized in the marketing and promotion of the exhibit as well as a guideline to design the physical space of the show.

Color palette and Trade Gothic typeface.


These colors were chosen to reflect the colorful, new, and fresh personalities of the photographers and their work that were presented in the exhibit. The colors were used throughout the creative materials promoting the show; they were also color matched and used in the physical design of the photo space.


This typeface was used in designing the logotype and as the body text throughout the exhibit. It was chosen for its versatility, readability, and playfulness to complement the concept of the exhibit.

Emerging logo and its variations.


For the logomark, we wanted to create something simple, yet disruptive, with a clear message that supports the theme of the show. We achieved this by utilizing the effect of slicing each letterform in half vertically to create the visual sense of the letters "emerging" into view. The readability is there and this also allows us to easily bring some fun into the proceeding physical and digital products for the exhibit.

Landing Page

Desktop and mobile mockup of Emerging landing page.

Postcard & Brochure

The accordion fold brochure reveals the logo and a little bit about each featured photograph and theme.

Postcard and brochure for the Emerging photography exhibit.

Postcard & Brochure

Brochure for the Emerging exhibit opening up.Brochure for the Emerging exhibit fully opened up.


The invite features a cover with a die cut logo. The backside of the invite has the same logo debossed with a spot UV. Once you pull the invite out, it reveals the featured photographs of the show with the details of the event on the other side.

Printed invitation for the opening event of the Emerging exhibit.Printed invitation for the opening event of the Emerging exhibit.

Exhibit Posters

Four exhibit posters for the Emerging exhibit.

Exhibit Photos

Entrance of the Emerging exhibit.
Interior of the Emerging exhibit.
Interior of the Emerging exhibit.